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Sustainability for companies

talks. swaps. upcycling workshop. collection of clothes and books

We can organise the events even at your meeting roob or anywhere you like
We´ll fully take care of organising a swap event for your colleagues, teach you how to sew your upcycled piece of clothing
or prepare a presentation about textile waste or how to make your housholed sustainable.

Upcycle workshop

A workshop focused on recycling used materials, where we will introduce you to materials and the basics of upcycling.

Upcycling is a form of sewing, whereby you create new and functional products from old and practically unusable items or materials.
You can learn this right in your meeting room or we’ll be happy to stop by and see you anywhere.
Experienced tutors take into account the skill and experience of the participants with a sewing machine or with the basics of sewing.

The duration of the workshop is a minimum of 2 hours for any large group of participants, to which the number of lecturers is also adapted.

SWAP also to your company

An event that will make everyone’s day, has a deeper thought and helps our planet at the same time? In NOSENE we will be happy to prepare a swap ~ a concept that has been working abroad for several years and is slowly making its way here. Swap means a mutual exchange of clothes, with which comes an exchange of experiences, opinions and joys. SWAP is a way to save both nature and your own wallet. It’s a way to freshen up your wardrobe organically and economically, and without remorse. It’sgreat to see that a blouse, dress or shirt that you have no use for will be loved by a colleague, and conversely, you may walk away with a nice piece of clothing from someone else.

We can set up the Swap in your boardroom, offices or during events or as part of larger events.

Collection of clothes
“Clean the cupboards”

Clothing collection to support recycling, help abused women and the NOSENE project. Just put your clothes in the bins and we’ll make sure they get a second chance.

What clothes should you bring? One that you would still wear yourself, but you have a reason why you won’t wear it anymore or have no use for it. Clothes that will be suitable for sale after the collection will be cleaned and placed in the shop. Part of the sale price will support the association helping abused women MyMamy o.z.

Pieces that will be fine but we can’t use for sale will be resewn in the upcycled Renewals by NOSENE design collection or sent as material aid to women who were not so lucky. The unusable pieces will be recycled by a Slovak recycling company, which will produce recycled products for the construction or automotive industry.

“The lecture at our company introduced us to the topic of
sustainability, in connection with a swap and
workshop, it was a day from which we all
took away a lot of information and
experienced a great day.”

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+421 918 562 327

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