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Join us

Together, let’s create greener tomorrows and bring sustainability to every corner so everyone can be a #ResponsibleTrendsetter

Do you have your nose for good things and your heart in the right place? Well, you’re right and we’ll be happy to get to work with you.

Currently we are looking for skilled and dedicated colleagues, full time (8 hours) part time (6 or 4 hours).
There is also a possibility of working 70-80 hours as ´´student work´´

We are a team of women (not that we are condemning men, they just don’t apply for jobsat NOSENE 🤷♀️ and so you will please us if you join us and level the gender equality)
We have a sense of humor (dry but delightful),
energy sometimes more than necessary and sometimes it’s a neverending story (yes yes yes this is sometimes our anthem )
and we do not lack perspective and togetherness.

We always have good coffee and vegetable or non-flavored milks in the kitchenette (the die-hard coffee drinker is more impressed by the neighbors in Schondorf or Sweet Beans),
teas to taste
and to replenish our energy, we sometimes bring home-made cakes or replenish the candy cabinet.

Most importantly, we want to make the world a nicer place, save clothes and bring eco-friendly gadgets

Do you see yourself in this with us? So come and join us:

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