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About us

Every thing
has its

Welcome to the kingdom,
where every thing has a story.

Second-hand, which breaks down the prejudices of second-hand shopping.
The place where:
– We bring green alternatives and solutions, we don’t just talk about them,
– old things get a new chance,
– we live what we do and make the world a greener place every day.

We will meet in the worn clothing shop at 48 Obchodna Street in Bratislava and online in the e-shop.
We’ve been teasing each other.

You won’t find any piled-up clothes to rummage through. Only the best smelling pieces that are hygienically clean.

Your clothes help us further – every month we send nice and usable clothes, just the kind of clothes that are really needed at the moment, to help civic associations or non-profits. If we cannot place the item in the shop, it goes as material aid to civic associations or for recycling.
Together we help to dress nicely and respectfully the people in need in these associations:

  • MyMoms o.z.,
  • Depaul
  • Vagus

The story of NOSENE

The story of NOSENE began in 2015, with a vision to create a fragrant place with wearable clothes that we find the opportunity to experience new stories.

At the time when we founded NOSENE many people had prejudices against second-hand and we wanted to overcome this barrier, so NOSENE was created, which brings fragrant pieces of clothing back to the streets and gives it a chance to shine again 🙂

Pretty and fragrant things presented tastefully and with style.
No piled things on the mounds, no damaged clothes. Nor the uselessness around. After one innocent debate, we opened the first shop in the arcade on Michalská Street. Already in 2015 we started quilting clothes, because we were angry at how much garbage we see around us.

And so we began to sew our way through our own upcycled collection ~ RENEWALS BY NOSENE

However, the shop needed new premises, more in plain sight. At the same time, we were also looking for a partner that we liked and would help us take the business to the next level. Together with Danica we opened a shop on Jesenského Street in Bratislava.

After three years, NOSENE needed a more airy space. And so we moved a few meters further to 48 Obchodná Street. The building that Tomas and his brother renovated is an example of what Obchodná could look like one day. Visually and ideologically.

NOSENE has grown into a concept where you can find eco-friendly alternatives for almost every area of your life:

Living more sustainably is a daily decision,
that we use to influence the world around us.

We are still planning a lot of news. Like us by following us on Facebook, Instagram or leave us your email so you don’t miss any news.

Thank you for every single purchase and visit in NOSENE.

Visit us

You too are a #nosene , not just one of hundreds of customers.
Diana Hagerová, Táňa Pauhofová, Mária Švarbová, Kristína Farkašová and Romi Klimeková also shop with us
and a lot of other good people.

It makes our day to make your day. And we look forward to bringing it to you and brightening your day.

To whom and how
We help

Nosene’s story is closely linked to the MyMamy o.z. centre, which provides crisis counselling to women, victims of violence in couple relationships and their children. Operates the Women’s Safe House, an emergency housing facility for 35 people including children in Presov. We have supported the Civic Association financially for several years from your purchases, today you can round up your purchases for them in the e-shop and in the store and make a small donation to help.
Because every help counts. Even the smallest one.

If you want to support them, we recommend you visit their website and follow them on Facebook.
We are also open to supporting other projects helping abused women. If you have an interesting tip for us, we will be glad if you write it to us.

All Day
good shopping

One day, during which you will find pieces from the wardrobe of famous celebrities in selected NOSENE stores. One-of-a-kind pieces, the entire amount of which goes to support selected civic associations.

We have worked with great people such as Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová, Silvia Kušnírová, Mária Švarbová, Mišo Sabo, Babsy Jagušák Heribanová, Baša Števulová and many others.

We have organized 9 events to date, which we continue to do and have supported the following associations: the Wild Poppies, O.Z. Dog in Need, MyMoms o.z., Raná Care n.o., Centrum Slniečko n.o.

So far we have contributed a total of €37,139.32 to help people who have a harder time in life.


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